Cheese Tours

Cheese Tours

Entry to Monkland Cheese Dairy
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Monkland Cheese Dairy



Cheese is a wonderful food, produced for hundreds of years . From the simplest of food sources, milk, a huge range and diversity of cheeses are produced. How? A tour round our Dairy may give you an incite. We take guided tours around the dairy at the times shown below. You will see what is happenning at the time of your visit and have a simple  explanation  of the general process and if you behave well we might let you do the "splat test"!!!!! Then you will be shown the maturing rooms, which might surprise you, and then of course it will be necessary to taste the cheese - although this is not compulsory. After your tour it may inspire you to take one of our Cheese Experience Days (see details)

Cheese tours (approx. 1/2Hr)

Easter to Mid-September: Mon Wed Fri

10-2pm (Last Bookings 1:15pm)

Mid-September to Easter: Mon & Wed

10-2pm (Last Bookings 1:15pm)

Cheese tours are available on most cheesemaking days and you can just turn up on the day, it is not normaly necessary to book. However, we would hate for you to arrive late and miss a tour hence the comment about last booking.

Please check for Bank Holidays.Tours will not be available on Cheese Experience Days which occur once a month on Mondays. Please check dates on the Cheese Experience Day page.

We reserve the right to cancel cheese tours due to unforseen circumstances.

If you wish to arrange to bring a group (over 10) please contact us to make a booking. During the high season we do not tend to take group bookings because we are not able to give you the service and attention we would like to.

For school visits please contact us and we can arrange a suitable package for you.
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